See Why Our Clients Love Us. 

"With each collaboration, RCG has proven to be able to ascertain key objectives, identify the challenges presented & formulate a clear path to accomplish desired goals. Their network of contacts & resources is extensive and they're very effective communicators and natural relationship builders. I can recommend RCG's services based upon their public / governmental relations experience, networking ability & professionalism. I look forward to working with them on our next project."

- Lucas Yeszik, Vice President Airport Development & Relations @ Clear Channel Airports

“I have had the pleasure to work with RCG on a number of projects in their capacity as lobbyists and public relations experts. They are energetic, trustworthy & effective, and have opened many doors for our companies in California. We consider them an integral part of our team, as well as a trusted friends.”

- Larry Legg, Managing General Partner @ E.T. Legg & Associates, Ltd.

“Jaime is just Jaime. He is a connector. He is passionate about his work & clients. He is a problem solver & gets things done!”

- Monique Navarette, Supervisor @ City of Newport Beach & President of CA Municipal Revenue & Tax Association

“Jaime possesses a sound strategic mind and the know-how to get things done. His political sensibilities and his strong personality make him someone I want at my side when the public affairs world gets a bit chaotic. Jaime is someone I trust.”

- Matt Klink, Partner @ California Strategies, LLC.

“RCG was a valuable advisor in assisting Loyola High School in finalizing the building permits necessary for the school's newest Science Center complex. Their relationships in LA City Hall & understanding of community outreach helped make our project a reality...and all done pro-bono! In addition, as a valued alumn, Jaime is the founder of Loyola High's Latino Alumni Society. ”

- Fr. Robert Walsh, Former President @ Loyola High School of Los Angeles

“Jaime is a very talented individual with a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in public policy. As intellectual as he may be, he also remains humble and dedicated to his community. I've had the pleasure of working with Jaime & found him to be a joy to work with and an extremely hardworking professional.”

- Janel Artis Wright, Former Public Affairs Manager @ 20th Century Fox Studios

“Results is the name of the game when it comes to Jaime. I've had the pleasure of knowing Jaime for over 10 years working together in building the Loyola Latino Alumni Society. Jaime's gift of language and his charismatic persona makes him a specialist and bringing likeminded and clashing personalities together to accomplish a given goal. There is no shame to Jaime's game. Jaime is a well connected networker with incomparable knowledge of the business world and the political game's symbiotic relationship and their effect on local communities. ”

- Marcos Rodriguez, Business Development @ Marcos Construction, Inc.

“Many years of working with RCG for their strong knowledge, experience & advocacy in organized business & political advancement specially for the Latino Community in the U.S., in addition to their ethical & integrity values. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and I, recognize how valuable and a great asset RCG is going to be for those individuals, companies and agencies who request their services and support. Thank you RCG for supporting and assisting us with our mission, programs and activities. ”

- Hugo Merida, Board Chairman @ Los Angeles Metropolitan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“At the CA Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, RCG's knowledge of local & state government helped guide the chamber's government affairs committee to many legislative successes. Because of their professionalism and passion, they helped increase our membership engagement & understanding of the legislative process. ”

- Alice Perez, Former CEO/President @ California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

“Jaime provided outstanding leadership as the CEO/President of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce to position itself as a leading Hispanic business group in this country. ”

- Roberto Cornelio, Principal @ Cornelio Consulting & former COO of Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“Jaime and I were consultants at Great Minds in STEM where Jaime jump started a corporate philanthropic giving program. I was especially impressed by Jaime's deep understanding of the importance of securing a diversity of funding sources and his ability to strategically engage such partners --- including corporate entities, government agencies and individuals. Jaime is a charismatic, sincere and thoughtful person who works effectively with everyone. I would be very pleased to work with him again!. ”

- Mary Fernandez, Leader @ social innovation & technology focused on equity in STEM education & the STEM workplace


The RCG team has over 100 years of local government & communications experience combined. This is why municipalities, companies and associations come to us first!